5 Great GLAM podcasts to start the day

I’ve written in the past quite a big list of podcasts I listen to all the time. While I still listen to all of those ones there have been some new ones that deserve to be added to the list.

Again I am going to say that I freaking love podcasts. I am subscribed to a ridiculous amount of them (like well over 30). I listen to all sorts of podcasts, but, with the October GLAM Blog Club theme being ‘Beginnings’ I was a little stumped all month to think of a groovy topic to blog about. So I went about my daily routine. Getting up early, going to workout, and, listening to a podcast. I did this for most of the month and still couldn’t think of anything. Got up on Friday morning and was very surprised to see one of my favourite social history podcasts. Boom! I begin my day with podcasts, and there are some brilliant GLAM podcasts that other GLAM peeps can start their day with too!


1. The History Listen:

This is a great ABC podcast. It looks at all kinds of Australian history in a concise and journalistic way. The conversations with authors, witnesses, archivists, librarians, historians and curators are brilliant and give it such a brilliant contemporary feel.

2. Turbitt & Duck:

This podcast is hosted by two of the most amazing GLAM women! Sally Turbitt and Amy Walduck. Their podcast is a collection of the most amazing storied from and about libraries and librarians from all over Australia. It is the most motivating and uplifting podcast, it is so wonderful to listen to these amazing women talk about libraries.



3. The Profane Egyptologist:

Egyptologist, Dr Paul Harrison takes a funny look at history. It’s a little bit egyptology, anthropology, sociology, archaeology and always history. This is quite a fun podcast and I usually end up laughing.

4. Anthropocene Reviewed:

Confession: I have been a fan of the Green Brothers work for many, may years. I watched Brotherhood 2.0 when it aired. Vlogbrothers, CrashCourse, P4A, they’re all awesome projects that I have really enjoyed. This podcast is a project featuring John Green in which he reviews various facets of the anthropocene. It is thoughtful, reflective and takes a look at the world with wonder.


5. CardiCast:

I couldn’t not include the newCardigan podcast here! If you’re a GLAM professional this is a great podcast to engage with. The stories and conversations are engaging and always interesting. Supporting and listening is always a pleasure.

Ok ok ok I can’t just keep this at 5. This podcast is mentioned in my other post, but I cannot abide that people might not read it and miss the opportunity to listen to it!

BONUS! Black Sheep:

This is a fan-bloody-tastic podcast. It is a history podcast about the ‘black sheep’ of Aotearoa’s (New Zealand’s) history. The use of archives, library sources, family history, newspapers and the brilliant story telling makes this honestly one of my favourite podcasts about the East island. PLUS the latest season has only JUST started! So it is the perfect time for everyone to begin their relationship with all of these wonderful podcasts.




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